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Hi, I’m Tracy!

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I’m the content creator behind Find Your Dazzle – your destination for all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. My inspiration for creating the blog was to share my love of fashion and beauty. But, as the years have passed, I’ve realized that it’s so much more than that.

About Find Your Dazzle

About Tracy from Find Your Dazzle

Find Your Dazzle was created on my lunch break in 2016 while I was working as an elementary music teacher. Feeling overwhelmed by the new job and lack of ability to express myself creatively, I had the idea to create a space where I could share all of my passions with like-minded women. Where did the name come from? A student of mine had on a t-shirt that said dazzle! For some reason, that word stuck with me, and Find Your Dazzle was born.

Side note: Petite ladies – I’m 5’0, so when it comes to finding clothes that fit I’ve got you!

Find Your Dazzle is a place where fashion and beauty meets women’s empowerment and growth. My goal is to help you live your best life by discovering what you love and what makes you feel good. I.E: Finding Your Dazzle! That might mean that I encourage you to try out a fashion trend you didn’t think you could pull off. It also might mean I share my favorite tips for staying healthy during the holidays. Either way, I want you to feel good in your body and your life. My life has been all about experimentation in order to find what lights me up. I’m here to help you do the same.

Since I started Find Your Dazzle, it’s taken me places I never would’ve imagined! Hello NYFW, brand collabs, and new blogger friends. Most of all I get to connect with you! Chatting in the DMs and in the comments has been one of my favorite things about starting this blog.

Wanna chat? Feel free to send me an email at Tracy@findyourdazzle.com or slide into my DMs on Instagram.


Thank you for your interest in working with FindYourDazzle.com!

Tracy Colón is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger based out of New Jersey. Tracy grew up at the Jersey shore where she spent her summers swimming at the beach and devouring cotton candy on the boardwalk. Growing up, there was always music playing at the Colón residence and you could often find Tracy and her family salsa dancing in the kitchen while her mother cooked up traditional Puerto Rican foods for dinner. Tracy’s exposure to different types of music lead her to find a passion for singing and performing music.

After high school, Tracy decided to pursue her passion for music. She attended Rowan University where she honed her vocal skills as a singer (and did the hair and makeup of friends for performances!). After graduation, Tracy pursued a degree in education so that she could share her life long love of music with children. During her first year teaching music to 5-10-year-olds Tracy realized that music was not the only thing that she was passionate about so she launched Find Your Dazzle.

“Someone was always complimenting me on an outfit or looking for beauty recommendations. I figured if people I know are interested in learning about the things that I love then putting them all in one place makes sense.”

About the blog

Mani Me Stick On Nail Gels

Find Your Dazzle was created with the intent of sharing beauty and fashion tips to help women feel confident in their skin. Whether that’s convincing you that you can rock that bold lip or try out trendy sneakers, Tracy aims to help women feel confident no matter what they choose to wear.

Find Your Dazzle’s purpose has become even more evident over the past year. Tracy started to realize the profound connections that she had made with women all over the world. The blog is evolving into more than just tips or reviews about beauty and fashion. It’s making connections with women through social media and having conversations that go deeper than what’s on the outside. In fact, Tracy has just become an ambassador for the Jersey Shore Collective of GRL PRW Projects, a community for women seeking personal and professional growth.

When Tracy’s not teaching or being a #girlboss you might find her practicing yoga or working on her pull-ups. Yes, she’s petite but that doesn’t mean that she’s not strong. Tracy also enjoys scouring flea markets, discovering new restaurants, sippin’ on a glass of rosé (while daydreaming about where to travel to next), and working on her piano or guitar skills. Tracy currently resides at the Jersey Shore with her boyfriend with whom she enjoys cooking dinner on the weekends and watching cheesy comedy movies.