My NYFW 2020 Experience and Asos Belted Balzer Dress


What’s up dazzling babes! This week on the blog I wanted to share my experience attending NYFW 2020! If you’re not familiar with New York Fashion Week it’s an event held in February and September of each year where fashion designers will show off their latest collections. During fashion week there are a ton of events happening all over the city. Some events include fashion shows, pop-ups, as well as networking events for bloggers and industry professionals.

Many events are open to the public while others you have to be invited to or request to be in attendance. I attended NYFW back in September because I was invited by Midori Liena to preview their fall jewelry collection. At that time I also attended the Style Collective event at The Loft which is a meet up for fashion bloggers! This year Plitz fashion asked me to attend one of their showcases. And I was also able to attend another Midori Liena event at the Gansevoort Hotel.


If you are wondering how to get into fashion shows I’ll direct you to a few articles at the end of this post. I’m definitely a newbie to attending NYFW so I don’t have many tips to offer! From what I’ve read bloggers will pitch themselves to fashion brands in order to get into the shows. It can be a process so I hope to start planning in August so that I can be prepared for NYFW in September!

Keep reading to learn more about my NYFW 2020 experience! 

Outfit Details


Being able to dress up is probably my favorite part of attending NYFW! This year I decided to go with a blue blazer dress from Asos. I figured it would be cold that day so I added some fun fishnet tights and OTK boots. To finish the look I added a necklace from Lily Lough and a sparkly hair clip by Ladii Parts. Of course, I had to rock my croc bag from JW Pei Friday because I just can’t stop wearing it! I also brought along a backpack from Target. It was a rainy day so I needed a place to put my umbrella, water, and my chargers for my phone.

Plitz Fashion Shows NYFW 2020

I was so excited to attend my very first fashion show thanks to Plitz Fashion Marketing! The event was at the New York Skyline Hotel in Hell’s Kitchen. Plitz put on about five showcases that day each featuring four different designers. The fashion shows for each designer was about 15 minutes long with a break in between the third and fourth show. The showcase that I attended included designers Katricia Couture, Tokyo Twiggy, Mill’brox, and Muge NYC. I met up with two other bloggers and got to the event right on time but they were running behind by about an hour! Since we had to wait for an over an hour the lovely people at Plitz gave us VIP passes. This meant we got to see all of the action from the front row! 

Katricia Couture

Tokyo Twiggy


Muge NYC

After the Plitz Fashion show, it was time to get some food! We walked over to Anejo for some Mexican bites and a drink. I got the crispy fish tacos and some yuca fries. It was my first time at this restaurant and I have to say that the food was delish! Not to mention that the overall vibe of the place was awesome!

Midori Linea 


The second event that we attended was Midori Linea at the Gansevoort Hotel in the meatpacking district. Midori Linea provided champagne, music and a beauty bar where you could get your hair and makeup done! They also had the entire spring collection on display for us to preview! There we met up with some other bloggers and chatted with the designer Sakura.

I had such a great time at my second NYFW and would encourage you to attend if you’re a blogger! It’s a great way to have a fun day in the city and network with other people in the industry. If you’re new to NYFW I recommend chatting with other bloggers who have had the experience for some tips! Facebook blogging groups is a great way to start the conversation. And if you’re not a member of Style Collective I would recommend joining.

FYI: Style Collective is a membership community for bloggers in the fashion and beauty space. If you would like more information about Style Collective click HERE!

I’m looking forward to NYFW in September, especially since I am going to work on being more prepared. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get into some more shows and events! Have you done NYFW? If so share your experience in the comments! 



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