Ways To Help During A Time Of Social Distancing

Feeling stuck during this time of social distancing? Here are 5 things you can do to help your community!


Hey dazzling babes, I think that we all agree that this past week has been crazy intense. While I’m currently practicing social distancing by staying home I know that there are a lot of people who are in need. It got me thinking about ways I can help the community during this time! Read on for some ideas on how you can help while social distancing yourself.

5 Ways to Help During Social Distancing

Donate to local food banks/organizations

Now more than ever food banks and shelters are in need of non-perishable items that are in short supply. If you have an overabundance of nonperishables consider donating or picking up a few extra items on your next shopping trip.

Support Local Businesses

Many small businesses are closing their stores which means that employees and owners alike are going to be out of a paycheck for a few weeks. If the store is still operating in an online fashion consider making a few purchases from them rather than your local Target. Some local boutiques are event implementing a pickup service so you can purchase your items online and drive by the store to pick them up!

You can also support local eateries by ordering take-out and sending a nice tip over their way. If you can’t support the business by ordering online check out their website to see if you can purchase a gift certificate!

Find Ways to Help Your Neighbors

Yes, many of us are spending time in quarantine but for those of you who are less at risk, it’s helpful to check on your elderly neighbors or those at risk of the virus. Call them up or send them a message to see if they are in need of essential items. You can help them out by picking up necessary items and dropping them off. If your neighbors don’t need anything to consider a friendly phone call or video chat. Spending all this time in isolation is bound to have anyone itching for some human contact.

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Unless your workplace is still open we are all pretty much doing this right now. Do your best to avoid going out unless it’s for necessary items. If you need to get out take a walk around your neighborhood or at the beach (granted there are not too many people there!).

Spread Kindness

It’s a weird, challenging, and scary time for sure. Right now what we really need to do is remember that we are all going through the same thing and feeling similar emotions. So remember to have patience with people, be kind to one another, help each other out when possible, or just send a smile to anyone you may see.

Hugs, kisses, and lots of love to you all. Feel free to message me for any reason even if you just need someone to talk to!


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