Skincare Favorites

It takes a lot of trial and error to find skincare products that work for your specific skin type. I’ve gathered the top skincare favorites that I’ve used for my normal/dry skin over the years. If you have a similar skin type to mine then you might want to try these out for yourself!

Skincare Favorites


The moisturizers that I’ve included in this list range from light daytime-friendly formulas to heavier textures for nighttime or the winter months. I typically don’t worry about my moisturizer containing SPF because I usually use a separate sunscreen on top of my skincare in the morning.


I’ve tried so many different sunscreen formulas over the years and these are the two that I like the best. They glide on easily, work well under makeup, and do not leave a white cast.


I typically go for a cream cleanser because of my dry skin however I have included a few gel formulas that I use when I am experiencing breakouts or want to get a deeper clean.

Cleansing Balms

I have to have a cleansing balm in my rotation at all times. Even if I don’t wear makeup for the day I use a cleansing balm to get my sunscreen and morning products off. I use it right before my cleanser to wash off any impurities from the day.


I tend to spend a lot of my time and money on skincare treatments. If you’re going to splurge on anything I’d say get a good serum or retinol. Here you will find my favorite serums, blemish treatments, eye creams, toners, and essences.


Out of all my skincare favorites, masks are the most fun! I like to do a mask at least once a week to help keep my skin clear. My favorite mask of all time is the Sand and Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask. Whenever I have a break out that mask is my go-to solution. Other than that I’ll rotate my masks depending on my current skincare needs.


Skincare tools are not a necessity but a nice addition to a good routine. Most of these tools help with fine lines/wrinkles and with the pluming of your skin. I actually hope to try out more high-tech skincare tools in the near future!