Showcast: The New App Where You Get Exclusive Content from Your Favorite Bloggers

Happy Monday dazzlers! Today we are taking a little break from our capsule wardrobe series (look out for the last post on Wednesday!) to talk about a brand new app called Showcast! If you haven’t seen my stories or recent Instagram post I am going to be hosting a live show called Find Your Style with Tracy on an app called Showcast. My goal for hosting the show is to help you to feel confident in your style and to build a wardrobe that you love. On Friday, April 23rd I’ll be going live at 6 PM EST to help you get your wardrobe in order for your post COVID lives!

What is Showcast?

Showcast is an app that allows bloggers, influencers, or anyone on social to create their own live shows and be paid for them. It’s a live masterclass by your favorite creators where you can interact with them in real-time. You pay a set price for each live event you want to attend (around $10-$25) and then you get to experience the show on the day it goes live!

Why Pay for a Live Show?

When you pay for a live show not only are you supporting your favorite content creators (allowing them more freedom to create content) but you are getting more in-depth content. When you attend these events you get way more value than a one-off Instagram or blog post. Plus you can connect with other like-minded people in the live chat!

How does Showcast work?

It’s easy! You simply download the Showcast app and start following your favorite creators (it isn’t available just yet but when you sign up through the link you’ll get all of the info you need to know!). When you see a show that you want to attend you simply purchase a ticket right in the app. And if you’re not able to make the live show you can watch the replay for up to 24 hours. So you can still get all the tips and tricks up to 24 hours after the show airs.

What will the first Style With Tracy cover?

If you’ve been stuck at home for the most part over the past year and have been wearing nothing but sweats then it might be time for a closet refresh. 2020 was a year that I didn’t really invest in many new pieces of clothing. I figured why bother spending the money if I’m working from home every day. Now that people are getting vaccinated and places are starting to open up it’s a perfect time to update your wardrobe.

That means cleaning out what you no longer use. And making room for new basic pieces of clothing that are versatile and high quality. I’ll teach you how to curate a wardrobe filled with items that you love and show you how to put together a few go-to outfits. Any questions you have can also be answered during the live event!

When is the first Style With Tracy Event?

We are going live on the Showcast app on April 23rd at 6 PM EST! You can get your tickets now by clicking over to this link here! But hurry because tickets will sell out soon!

If you have any questions about the Showcast app or the event leave them in the comments. Or send me a DM on the ‘gram! And make sure to share the link with someone you know that needs help updating their wardrobe!

Is there anything specific you’d like me to address? Let me know that too! Hope to see you there!



    • April 22, 2021 / 2:12 pm

      Right I’m so excited about it! Thanks for stopping by Molly!

    • April 22, 2021 / 2:08 pm

      I’m so excited about it Margot! It’s a brand new app and such a great option for content creators!

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