Sexy Body Shimmer Oils for Summer

Summer, summer, summertimeeee! Awww yeah, it’s summertime and that means long days at the beach, laying out by the pool, and possibly even outdoor dining. Regardless of where you go or what you’re doing it’s always nice to have a summertime glow. Body shimmer oils are the perfect way to get that Beyonce/Rihanna shine babe! I originally figured that I would wear these shimmery body oils for special occasions but why not wear them on a daily basis? Since you’re already showing a bit of skin due to the hot weather why not glam it up a bit even if you’re just hitting the pool in your back yard. All of these body oils smell incredible, give you a glow, and are non-greasy or sticky!   

Sexy Body Shimmer Oils for Summertime

Body shimmer oil. SOL by Colourpop, Wondergloss, Fenty Beauty Body Lava

Colourpop – SOL Shimmering Dry Oil in Warm Gold  

If you’re on a budget but still wanna get that yonce glow then this oil by SOL (a Colourpop sister brand is perfect for you). It retails for only $15 and you can add it on to your regular Colourpop order (I love me some Colourpop lippies). This SOL Shimmering Dry Oil smells like a tropical vacation and the shimmer pay off is incredible. It’s not so subtle sheen is perfect for showing off your decolletage, shoulders, and legs. Even though I love this oil the shimmer does tend to get all over the place. So if your SO isn’t a fan of shimmer you’ve been warned!  

Fenty Beauty Body Lava in Who Needs Clothes?

Yaaaassss Riri coming through with the sexy shimmer! The Fenty Beauty Body Lava is probably my favorite oil of them all. The flecks of shimmer are smaller than that of the SOL Shimmering Dry Oil and the smell is different too. Body Lava has a sweet sexy scent that will give you romantic date vibes. If you’re looking for a body shimmer oil that is a little more sophisticated then you might want to try out the Fenty Beauty Body Lava.   

Wondergloss Boho Potion in Malibu

This body oil was gifted to me a few months back but I wanted to include it for you babes that don’t really like a ton of shimmer. The Wondergloss Boho Potion gives you more of a glossy sheen rather than straight-up shimmer. It contains minerals and quartz to give you a subtle glow. You can see the shimmer at the bottom of the bottle so be sure to shake it up before you use it. I requested it in Malibu which is a golden shimmer that has a delish coconut scent!

NUXE Multi-Usage Dry Oil – Golden Shimmer

While I don’t currently own this body shimmer oil I have received samples and I was so impressed that I had to mention it. Nuxe Dry Oil gives you an incredible sheen that isn’t overbearing but you’ll still look very glowy. The scent is amazing and very luxurious! It’s made with 15% plant oils and Vitamin E so it also nourishes your skin and makes it feel super soft.

Normally this would be a splurge buy at $38 for a 1.6-ounce bottle but I recently discovered Akira Beauty. A website that offers brand name beauty products at a discount! Through Akira Beauty, you can get the Nuxe Dry Oil for only $14!

Body Shimmer Oil - SOL Colourpop

Do you enjoy using body oils or shimmery products in the summer? Let me know in the comments and share this with your beauty junkie friends!

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    Queenie said:

    That one from Fenty Beauty looks fab! Thanks for sharing this post x

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    Love these shimmer oils.. thanks for sharing dear 🙂
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    Jennifer said:

    I love the Nuxe oil!

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    all of them looking so beautiful 🙂