Ryderwear Clothing Review

Over the past 10 years, I’ve been working out pretty consistently and have for the most part always done home workouts. Since I do most of my workouts at home I have never really put much thought into what I wear to workout. I honestly haven’t purchased new workout clothes in probably over four or five years! This is fine but lately, I’ve been wanting to update my activewear. That’s why when Vicky Justiz mentioned the Ryderwear Clothing sale back in January I was sold. With most of my leggings starting to become worn out and ragged I was on the market for some cute new activewear.

Ryderwear Review

The Pieces

I purchased five items from the sale. Two sports bras, two pairs of leggings, and a cropped hoodie. Of course, two of the four items I purchased is leopard print! I received all the items in a timely matter and I was happy with the look of the products when I unboxed them.


I ordered the mint-colored leggings from the NKD collection and the black leopard print leggings from the Instinct Scrunch collection. Both are in a size small in both pieces for reference. I know some people like to size down for a tighter fit but I would say that they are true to size.

If you’re into activewear that give you a lot of compression then these are the leggings for you. I love how they fit as they really suck you in (but not in an uncomfortable way) and stay up during your workout. These leggings are very second-skin like which makes it perfect for your workout or even wearing throughout the day. Bonus: they sculpt your lower body in all of the right places!

I was surprised at how the length was not too long for my 5’0″ frame. Most of the time leggings are way too long on me and I have to roll them up. These hit slightly below the ankle so if you’re petite they are perfect for you. If you’re taller they would probably work more as a cropped legging.

After working out in these leggings for over a month I can say that the fit is amazing and the look is too. They also pass the squat test which means that you don’t have to worry about your underwear showing through.

My only problem with both pairs them is that they are already starting to pile. Especially in the inner crotch and thigh area. Which is disappointing because I always wash them in cool water and air dry.

Sports Bras

I purchased two sports bras from Ryderwear. The Adapt One Shoulder Sports Bra in Snow Leopard and the NDK Sports Bra in Grey. Overall I was impressed with the quality of these two bras. The fit is similar to the leggings in that they are stretchy and suck you in at the same time. Each bra also comes with removable padding. Which helps to provide a little extra lift if that’s your style.

When I purchased the one-shoulder bra I didn’t expect it to provide much support. However, I was proved wrong after testing it out during a HIIT workout. It supported me throughout my jumps, kicks, and burpees. Keep in mind that I do have a smaller bust size (32C) so I don’t really need too much support. The NDK sports bra might be a better option for you ladies who need more support. The material and fit are similar to the one-shoulder bra but you get more support having two straps.

The bra from the seamless collection is still in very good shape however I can see that the band for the one-shoulder bra is starting to wear out a little bit. I hope that it doesn’t start to affect the performance of the bra any time soon because it still supports and looks great.

Cropped Hoodie

Lately, I’ve been all about the cropped tops and hoodies. I don’t know what it is but I’ve been loving show off a little sliver of skin lately. Maybe it’s because I was too insecure to wear cropped tops in my teens so I’m making up for it in my 30s!

I’ve been wearing this cropped hoodie constantly and it’s still in really good shape. It’s super cozy and soft on the inside which is a plus. My only complaint is that the regular price of the hoodie is around $47. Which I think is a little too much money for something with such little fabric. Other than that I have no complaints and would purchase another one in the future.

Overall Thoughts About Ryderwear

Overall I think that Ryderwear is a good brand and that the pieces fit really well. However, I think that I’m still going to be on the lookout for other activewear brands. I was disappointed to find my leggings piling already at only just over month of wear.

If you do decide to try out Ryderwear for yourself I would go with leggings in a darker color so that the piling isn’t as noticeable. Or just stock up on bras and hoodies as they seem to be better quality!

What do you think of these pieces by Ryderwear? Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever tried the brands and be sure to shoutout your favorite places to buy activewear!

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  1. 3.11.21
    Sara said:

    Great picks! The cropped hoodie is my favorite!!
    xx Sara

    • 3.12.21

      Thanks, Sara! I don’t know what it is but cropped hoodies are my thing lately!

  2. 3.11.21
    Jennifer said:

    I love the mint leggings!!

    Curated By Jennifer

  3. 3.11.21
    Margot said:

    I love the mint leggings with the cute leopard top.
    And the cropped hoodie looks so comfortable.

  4. 3.11.21
    Angelica said:

    These styles are adorable! And I have been so into the athletic vibe lately.

    XX Angelica

  5. 3.11.21

    Hey beautiful, these ideas are so good. Thanks for reviewing these clothes. You are looking very comfortable in these clothes. Have a great weekend!

  6. 3.12.21
    Lovely said:

    Cool picks! Love the snow leopard sports bra and the mint leggings!

  7. 3.12.21
    Laura said:

    This is all cute! I love these workout pieces!

  8. 3.13.21
    Maria said:

    These are all great outfits. I like the animal print sports bra. Sorry to hear that they pilled on you after about a month.


    • 3.14.21

      Thanks, Maria. It was a little disappointing because they fit so well!

  9. 3.14.21
    Kate said:

    Such cute colors and pieces!
    XOXO, Kate // http://www.classyandkate.com/what-jewelry-im-wearing-this-spring/

  10. 3.14.21
    Ana said:

    these look great, I’m going to check them out as I need to get a couple of working out sets for my runs, thank you!

    Ana C, http://www.adreamersland.com

  11. 3.14.21
    Amber said:

    These all look like great workout pieces! The mint leggings and leopard top are my favorites! =)

    I hope you are having a great week!


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  12. 3.15.21

    Love the cropped hoodie and those mint green bottoms!

  13. 3.15.21
    Liza said:

    Love these sport outfit.