Erno Laszlo Hydra-Therapy Skincare Line Will Save Your Dry Skin


A few months ago I was lucky enough to be able to choose a starter kit from the Erno Laszlo skin care line. Since I often struggle with dry skin I choose the Erno Laszlo Hydra-Therapy Set. Erno Laszlo is a luxury skincare line established in 1927 by Dr. Laszlo. Dr. Laszlo’s skincare regimens were highly regarded by many famous women in Hollywood including Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Onasis, and Marlyn Monore!

Erno Laszlo Hydra-Therapy Skincare

Hydra-Therapy Foaming Cleanse $45


It’s safe to say that a lot of people enjoy a cleanser that creates an abundant amount of lather. Not only does the Hydra-Therapy Foaming Cleanse create a luxurious lather but it contains Erno Laszlo’s own Hydrating Complex. This Hydrating Complex is based on your skin’s natural moisturizing factor. This means that it has the ability to boost your skin’s moisture-retaining capacity while balancing pH levels.

The first thing that I noticed about this cleanser was the creamy consistency. Which is perfect for the upcoming cooler months. This cleanser leaves my skin clean and hydrated. And while this cleanser is on the pricey side you only need a dime-sized amount. Which means that it’s more than likely to last a few months! My only complaint about this cleanser is the light floral scent. While it does smell lovely, I prefer my skincare products to be fragrance-free.


  • Shea butter
  • A blend of rice and pomegranate – restores/protects the skin and fights free radicals
  • Marula Oil – restores moisture to the skin’s surface.

Hydra-Therapy Boost Serum $98


The Hydra-Therapy Boost Serum is an oil-serum hybrid that works to add nutrients to your skin leaving it feeling hydrated and glowing. This serum is great for those of you with dry skin that needs a little extra love.

When I think about skincare products that hydrate I tend to think about products that have a thicker consistency. The formula of this serum is very light and easily absorbs into your skin without leaving it greasy. This is great if you need the hydration but hate the greasy feel of oils or thick night creams. When first applied it feels wet but absorbs quickly without any greasiness. This serum does have a light floral fragrance similar to the cleanser. I’ve been using this serum for a few months and I love the extra hydration as well as brightness that it gives my completion. 


  • Papyrus vegetable sap – Retains Moisture
  • Sea fennel – Acts as a natural moisture barrier
  • ITBabassu Seed Oil – A hydrating emollient. 

Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask $95


Sleep masks have been becoming more popular these days and for good reason. They are a quick and easy way to wake up with glowing skin in the morning!

According to the Erno Laszlo website, the Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask works to lock in nutrients overnight. Which means that you wake up with noticeably brighter and plumper skin!


The first thing that I noticed about the Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep mask was the gel-like texture. This sleep mask has a wet gel-like feeling rather than a heavy cream consistency like some other brands. As with the cleanser, a little goes a long way.

After using the sleep mask I wake up to hydrated, brighter, and softer skin. If I am being honest I would say it’s right on par with the glow recipe watermelon mask. Which by the way is about half the price. If you’re going to try a sleep mask I would try that one out first to see if it works for you. I am all about saving money when possible! 


  • Prickly pear – 24-hour hydration
  • Winged kelp extract – Rich in fatty acids and aids in boosting collagen
  • Mugwort extract – Soothes, calms and brightens the skin. 

Have you tried any of the skincare products by Erno Laszlo?

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  1. October 15, 2019 / 12:18 am

    I haven’t heard of this company, but the products sound great. I love skincare products that do what they are supposed to do and don’t feel greasy or weird.

    • October 15, 2019 / 6:33 pm

      I agree with you! And these feel so lovely on the skin!

  2. Nicki Soares
    October 15, 2019 / 2:40 pm

    I love a good skin serum. I’m going to have to try this one.

  3. Melissa Kacar
    October 16, 2019 / 3:51 pm

    I never heard of this brand before, but now I definitely want to check it out! I have very dry skin, especially this time of year, so I think this could really benefit me! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • October 16, 2019 / 4:50 pm

      I feel ya! I will do anything to keep my skin hydrated! Thanks for visiting! xo

  4. October 17, 2019 / 9:47 pm

    I was gifted the white marble vitamin c peel and absolutely love how it makes my skin feel!!

  5. October 18, 2019 / 7:58 am

    Those products look so fab! I haven’t heard of the brand yet, got to try it.

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

    • October 18, 2019 / 9:05 pm

      I hadn’t’ heard of them either! It’s crazy how many people don’t know about Erno Laszlo yet they have been around for so long!

  6. October 18, 2019 / 4:14 pm

    I am getting way more into skincare these days – I love this post and learning about this brand! So much good research.

    • October 18, 2019 / 9:04 pm

      Thank you, Mary! Skincare is so important and I’ve been getting more and more into it too!

  7. October 20, 2019 / 5:11 pm

    This sleep mask looks luxurious! I haven’t heard of this product before so thank you for sharing such great insight into so many products from the line.

    • October 23, 2019 / 4:47 pm

      It sure is luxurious! Thank you for stopping by Colleen!! xox

  8. October 20, 2019 / 9:27 pm

    I love discovering new brands! I will definitely have to look into this xoxo

  9. October 20, 2019 / 10:42 pm

    I always have such dry skin this time of year. Definitely need to check this line out. Thanks for sharing!

  10. CC
    October 22, 2019 / 10:47 pm

    I gotta look into this brand! Love anything with Shea Butter

    • October 23, 2019 / 4:50 pm

      Me too girl! My skin is so dry and just loves Shea Butter!

    • November 21, 2019 / 8:04 pm

      Just in time for the colder months! If you try it let me know what you think! xoxo

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