Best Hair Products for Waves

These are the best hair products that I’ve tried out over the years.

Best Hair Products

Shampoo / Conditioner

These are my favorite shampoo and conditioner combinations. I personally have wavy medium-thick hair that tends to get frizzy especially in humid weather. I have listed shampoos/conditioners that I use for my different hair needs. If you want to give yourself a blow out then go for a smoothing formula. For days when you want to go natural choose a product that is formulated for curly hair – this will help you get extra defination. And if your hair is feeling a little dry choose a hydrating shampoo and conditioner.

Deep Conditioner

Once a week I try to use a deep conditioner in order to keep my hair healthy. I tend to go for the most hydrating formulas that I can find. These days there are so many brands that make high-quality deep conditioners at a reasonable price.

Wavy Styling Products

These are the best hair products that I could find (so far) for when I want to keep my hair in its natural wavy state. I tend to go for products that help to tame frizz and define my curls. I’ve included leave-in conditioners, gels, creams, and oils that have worked for me.

Blow Out Products

Since I tend to keep my hair natural I don’t have as many straightening/smoothing products. I did want to share what I am currently using when I do want to get smooth and shiny locks!

Other Hair Products

The products in this category are loved but not used quite as much. They include dry shampoos, texturizing products, and clarifying shampoos.

Hot Tools

I try to limit my use of hot tools but these are the products that I use when I decide to switch up my style. Although, I am dying to try out Dyson hot tools like the Airwrap Styler. It apparently is much better for your hair as it doesn’t use excessive heat.