9 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That Aren’t Dinner and a Movie

Here are 9 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas that are more unique than dinner and a movie!


There can be a lot of pressure to figure out the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day. So much so that many couples stick to dinner and a movie. And while there’s nothing wrong with dinner and a move why not switch it up this year? If you have no idea where to start I have 9 unconventional date ideas for Valentine’s Day. Oh, and by the way, all of these ideas are fabulous for Galentines Day too!

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Take a Cooking Class

Last year I took a cooking class with my BF and another couple and it was so much fun. We learned how to make pasta and ravioli from scratch. Which is something I never thought that I would be able to do! Making pasta always seemed like such a daunting task. Not only was it fun socializing with another couple but we were able to learn some new skill to take into the kitchen long after the date.

Go to See a Concert 

If you and your significant other enjoy seeing live music why not make it a date for Valentine’s Day? Is there an artist that holds special meaning to your relationship? Or is there an artist that your other half always wanted to see live? Either way, going out to see live music is always a fun experience!


Visit a Museum 

Visiting a museum is a great way to get to know your partner better and have deeper conversations. When you visit a museum you expand your knowledge on a particular subject therefore you can express your opinions and thoughts on that topic in a deeper way. Visiting a museum with your partner can give you something to discuss while getting to see each other in a different light. 

Explore a nearby town 

Is there a nearby town that the two of you have never been to before? Why not go out and explore it? You don’t have to plan some big getaway for Valentine’s Day. Visiting a local town that you’ve never been to can be an adventure! Load up on some snacks, hop in the car, and drive around until you find an interesting spot to explore.


Have a Picnic 

Having a picnic one of the most romantic ways to spend Valentine’s Day. Even if it’s too cold to get outside you can set up some blankets on the floor and have a picnic indoors. I actually think that an indoor picnic during the winter months is more romantic because you can cozy up with some blankets by the fire.

Go Ice Skating 

Ice skating is one of my favorite date ideas because it’s so active and playful. If you’re not very good at ice skating and your SO is you can use it as an excuse to hold on and get closer! If you’re both not very good then you can learn together! After your ice skating session grab a cup of hot cocoa or if you’re feeling like it, a hot toddy! If you’re in NYC check our Pier 17 for some fun rooftop ice skating and delish caramel hot chocolate after!


Cook Dinner together and cozy up to a movie

Instead of going out to dinner why not cook something up together and enjoy eating it while watching a movie? You can make things even easier by scheduling a meal service like Home Chef or Blue Apron to be delivered right to your door on V-Day. Cooking up something yourselves is a fun activity and easier on your wallet!

Have a Spa day 

Treat yourself and your babe to a day of massages, facials, and maybe even a pedicure for Valentine’s Day. It’s a great way to get some much-needed relaxation and stress relief. Many spas even offer specials for Valentine’s Day. So go ahead and treat yo’ self!


Play Board Games 

Spice up your normal game night with just you and your bae by playing some sexy board games. Here is a list of some of the most popular sexy board games. Not into these type of games? Keep it PG with these top board games and invite another couple over for a double date situation.



  1. Yiota
    February 12, 2019 / 11:26 am

    I always wanted to do a picnic on this special day!! And a day at a spa sounds an amazing idea!!


    • February 12, 2019 / 10:56 pm

      Yes!! I’d love to do both on the same day!

  2. Kyra
    February 13, 2019 / 1:12 am

    Amazing ideas, now I just need a boyf to do them with!
    -Kyra || lovekyra.000webhostapp.com

    • February 15, 2019 / 8:50 pm

      Lol you can totally do some of these with your besties!!

  3. February 13, 2019 / 11:58 am

    What a great list of ideas and something for everyone I think! You could totally combine a few of them as well, thanks for sharing x

    • February 15, 2019 / 8:49 pm

      You’re welcome! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

  4. February 18, 2019 / 9:17 pm

    You should if you get the chance! I never thought I would be able to make homemade pasta!

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