Why I am in Love with Matcha Green Tea

matcha green tea

If you have ever picked up a health magazine or read a fitness blog then you probably know about the health benefits of green tea. Green tea is full of antioxidants, may support weight loss, lower cholesterol among many other benefits .

What is Matcha Green Tea?

Matcha (Mat-Cha) is green tea in a powder form. I first discovered Matcha when I visited Japan back in 2009. I noticed that a lot of food in Japan was flavored with matcha green tea! Everything from ice cream, to Kit Kat bars and noodles matcha is a huge part of Japanese culture. In fact, matcha powder has been used in Japan for centuries in their ritualistic tea ceremony.

What makes matcha even better is that it is more potent than a regular green tea because the green tea leaves are ground up into a powder which is then directly poured into hot water. You’re actually consuming the entire leaf when you drink matcha as opposed just steeping the leaves in hot water. 

hot matcha green tea
Me in Japan back in 2009 sippin on some green tea!


matcha green tea Japan
Is this not just one of the most beautiful pictures ever? I love Japan and want to go back!!

As soon as I returned from Japan I purchased matcha powder at a local Asian market. I started making my own matcha green tea lattes and adding it to smoothies. And this was way before it started becoming trendy in the U.S. Luckily matcha green tea is becoming more popular and is easier to find. There is even a place in NYC called the Matcha Bar, which I am dying to try out. Seriously if you have been there before please comment below and let me know how it is!

Lately, I have been using a matcha called epic matcha I found on Amazon. I love that it is organic and their website is full of amazing recipes.

Ways to use Matcha Green Tea


English: Matcha Tea or green tea powder
English: Matcha Tea or green tea powder
  • Banana matcha smoothie
  • Matcha oatmeal
  • Hot matcha milk
  • Iced matcha tea latte
  • Matcha ice cream
  • Matcha cookies, cakes, bread, muffins….


I am planning on experimenting more with using matcha in my cooking/baking and I hope to plan a series of green tea related recipes! Have you ever tried matcha? If so how do you like to use it? Comment below I would love to know!

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    1. Haha! I see whatach did! LOL. I didn’t know that they were popular in Sydney! Ever since I went to Japan Matcha has been a staple in my kitchen!

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