Coconut Craze Granola [Recipe]



For the past few days I have had a huge hankering for a bowl of crunchy sweet granola. For me, granola is a comfort food, it’s right up there with mac and cheese, garlic mash, and a hot cup of coffee (I wouldn’t eat that all at once of course…….or would I hmmm).

Whenever I make granola, I like to peek inside my cabinets¬†and throw in whatever dried fruits and nuts I have.After noticing how much dried coconut I had in my cabinets, I decided to go with a coconut granola. I already had an opened can of coconut milk in my fridge, so I wen ahead and added a bit to my granola. Since the coconut milk adds a little bit more moisture, you are going to have to bake the granola for a little longer than usual in order to dry it out, but it’s worth it! I think that this recipe would also taste great with some coconut extract for an extra kick of flavor and maybe even some dried pineapple or mango.¬†Try it out and let me know what you think!


Coconut Granola


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